Monday, May 25, 2020

ALPOLIC® & AL-Clad - Aluminium Composite Material

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Color Charts

Standard Solid ColorsStandard Solid Colors
Preformulated Solid ColorsPreformulated Solid Colors
Standard Metallic ColorsStandard Metallic Colors
Preformulated Metallic ColorsPreformulated Metallic Colors
Sparkling ColorsSparkling Colors
Stone SeriesStone Series


  • Color chips herein may differ slightly from actual fluorocarbon colors of products due to attributes of PC monitor screen. Please confirm actual color with color sample of each color.
  • Custom colors are also available upon request for Solid Colors, Metallic Colors, Sparkling Colors and Stone Series subject to the respective minimum quantity.
  • Colors chips herein are 30% gloss for Solid and Metallic Colors, and 80% gloss for Sparkling Colors and Stone Series. All colors are available with 30, 50 or 80% gloss.
  • Gloss rate is indicated by extension to color code. For example, M9010-G30 White means 30% gloss of M9010 White. If you mention the color for placing order, please specify the gloss rate as well. For example, if you wish to order 50% gloss of M9010 White, please specify as M9010-G50 White. Unless specified, gloss rate will be regarded as 30% in Solid and Metallic Colors, and it will be 80% in Sparkling Colors and Stone Series.
  • Recoat or retouch can be applied to fluorocarbon coating of ALPOLIC® and AL-Clad.
  • In case of Metallic Colors, Sparkling Colors and Stone Series, the color may vary slightly between production lots. Therefore, it is recommended to place total requirement for a project in one order to ensure color consistency for these colors.
  • Minimum order qunatity for Preformulated Colors is 1000 m2
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