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Painted Finishes

The surface is finished with Lumiflon-based flurocarbon coating on the topside and a service coating on the reverse side. There are two types of coating system for Lumiflon-based fluorocarbon coating.

  1. "Solid Color" is a two-coat, two-bake system.
    The total dry film thickness of the top is 25µ minimum and consists of a conversion coat, an inhibitive primer and Lumiflon-based fluorocarbon color coat.

  2. "Metallic Color" is a three-coat, three-bake system.
    The total dry film thickness is 35µ minimum and consists of a conversion coat, an inhibitive primer, metallic and clear Lumiflon-based fluorocarbon coat.

The top coated surface shall comply with the "Specification for coated coil exterior building applications" issued by ECCA(European Coil Coating Association) or AAMA(American Architectural Manufacturers Association) to achieve the quality level for each Association. The reverse side of the cladding panel surface facing the wall shall have a polyester-based wash coating to protect against possible corrosion problems.

The surface finish is also available with Stone Series which has the appearance of stone and is coated with Lumiflon-based fluorocarbon resin. The color and the pattern can be selected by the architect. These coatings are applied in the manufacturer's continuous coating lines.

The finishes surface is protected with a self-adhesive peel-off protective film with two layers-white and black, tested to withstand at least six-month exposure to local weather conditions without losing the original peel-off characteristics or causing stains or other damage.

The painted finish, according to the tests by the manufacturer, meets the following criteria:

(A)General Properties

Dry Film Property
Test Method
60° Gloss
ASTM D523-89 30 to 80%
Formability(T-Bend) NCCA 11-19
ASTM D1737-62
2T, no cracking
Reverse Impact-Crosshatch NCCA 11-5 No pick off
Hardness-Pencil ASTM D3363-92a 1-2H
  Boiling Water

ASTM D3359, Method8
37.8°C, 24hrs
100°C, 20min

No Change
No Change
No Change
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D968-93(Falling sand) 20 liters/mil as the criterion of AAMA, 70 liters/mil as the actual value
Chemical Resistance

ASTM D1308-79
ASTM D1308-79
AAMA 605.2-90
ASTM D2248-73

No Change
No Change
No Change
No Change


Dry Film Property
Test Method
Color Retention
ASTM D2244-93 Max 0.5 units after 4000 hrs
Gloss Retention ASTM D523-89 70% after 4000 hrs
Chalking ASTM D4214-89 Max 0.8 units after 4000 hrs
Salt Spray ASTM D-B117-90
NCCA 11-2
 3000 hrs.-aluminum, 35°C
Humidity-Thermal ASTM D2246-65 No blister
No cracking
10 cycles: 24hrs × 100% RH, 37.8°C: 2hrs. × 18°C: 4hrs.×24°C
Humidity ASTM D2247-94 No Change
 3000 hrs.-aluminum, 35°C
Condensing Humidity (Cleveland) ASTM D4585-87 None to very few #8 blisters
 100%RH×54.4°C, 2500 hrs