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ALPOLIC® & AL-Clad - Aluminium Composite Material

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Processing Method

Ordinary aluminum processing and woodworking machines and tools can be used for the fabrication of the panel. The standard processing methods are as follows:

Saw Cutting
Running saw and panel saw for woodworking can cut AL-Clad and ALPOLIC® panels easily. The carbide tip blade made for aluminum and plastic is recommended.

Shear Cutting
Square shear is the most efficient method for sizing a large quantity of panels. Some shear droop may occur at the cut edge. Appropriate clearance and rake angle is as follows:

Panel Thickness(mm) Clearance Rake Angle
3mm 0.04mm 1°C
4mm 0.04mm 1°C30·
6mm 0.2mm 2°C30·

It is important to leave 0.2 to 0.4 mm of polyethylene core in U-grooving, and 110° of grooving angle is recommended.

(1) Router and Trimmer
Use a modified router bit as shown in the right drawing.
[Example of router bit]
Material: Carbide
Number of teeth: 2-4
Number of rotations: 20,000-30,000 rpm
Feeding speed: 3-5 m/min

(2) Groove Cutter
When a large quantity of panels are being processed, groove cutter is more suitable.
[Example of groove cutter]
Material: Carbide tip
Outside diameter: 305 mmØ Number of teeth: 24
Number of rotations: 3,000 to 5,000 rpm
Feeding speed: 5 m/min

U-grooved panels cab be folded with folding jig, press-brake or plate punch. To ensure a strait line of folded corner, fold the grooved panel on a flat table. It is recommended that the folding operation is held at 10°C or higher temperature to prevent the coating from cracking.

Rout-in Return System
Normally, 25mm from edge is grooved and folded. After assembling, the corner is sealed with sealant to prevent the corner from water leakage.

Bending with Press Brake
When bending AL-Clad and ALPOLIC® panel with press brake, use a top die having the desired radius. The minimum internal bending radius is as follows:

Thickness Minimum Bendable Radius(mm)
Traverse Parallel Traverse Parallel
3mm 40 55
3mm 80 100
6mm 55 80

Bending with Three Roll Bender
Three roll bender enables a larger bending radius than press-brake bending. Groove and slit curved edge before bending, as shown below:

Riveting & Bolting
Use aluminum blind rivet for junction. Fixing work can be done from one direction. Use stainless steel bolt/nut. When panels are connected with junction hole, the equation of e > 2D indicates a suitable relation between hole diameter (D) and the distance from the hole center to panel end (e), to ensure sufficient tensile strength of the hole.

One end of AL-Clad or ALPOLIC® can be connected to another end of AL-Clad or ALPOLIC® with welding the core by means of hot jet gun. The welding rod is prepared by cuting from slender piece of AL-Clad or ALPOLIC® panel. Nornally, reinforcement is necessary after welding.