Monday, May 25, 2020

ALPOLIC® & AL-Clad - Aluminium Composite Material

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Panel Thickness
3mm, 4mm and 6mm

Panel Standard Size
Width:965, 1270 and 1575mm
Length:less than 7200mm
Note:Custom width can be accepted between 914mm and 1575mm, but minimum quantity is required. Please contact our office.

Product Tolerance
Width:± 2.0mm
Length:± 4.0mm
Thickness:± 0.2mm for 3mm and 4mm thick
± 0.3mm for 6mm thick
Bow:Maximum 0.5% of the length and/or width
Squareness:Maximum 5.0mm
Surface Defect:The surface shall not have any irregularities such as roughness, buckling or other visual imperfection that exceed specification guidelines of visual inspection. AL-Clad and ALPOLIC® are usually supplied with a cut edge, without aluminum sheet displacement or core protrusion.